Touring And Tenting

This must be the biggest and best on-line club for campers

of all persuasions. Run by Sonja and Mark it’s free to join. Membership gives you the web Forum, and Gallery with access to all sorts of information, advice, pictures and general friendly banter all sorted out so you only get what you want when you want it, specialist campsite directories, news and more  

 The home page is here if you’re not a member take a peek and browse the pages although you will have to subscribe to respond to any post.

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This is CLIC


                                                                         We are just a group of Internet users who also enjoy the great outdoors

in the form of Camping, Caravanning, Motorhomes, Trailer Tents, Folding

                                                                            Caravans. and tents Basically it is an open forum for chat, as we would

                                                                             do around the campfire   (we just have a  Virtual campfire).


Mainly to answer questions on camping related items but we do deviate

quite lot. The chat can be anything from the merits of a certain beverage

to anything technical to do with caravanning, camping or computers.

We do keep it as clean as possible, and if someone does step out of line

they get blasted if  necessary, but very rarely  happens, although saying that,

there is always an idiot out there somewhere.


(Courtesy of Keith Curtis)


The group can be joined by contacting


The groups members are from all over the world, but are mainly British and European with Australia, South Africa, and  America well  represented

Site reports with a CLIC emblem are from CLIC members


A smaller forum than T&T BUT this forum is aimed at those of us who camp all year round and gives you friendly chit chat as well as good advice on how to and where to camp all through out the year as well as regular meets all over the country

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Rail Photos

  This is a Google group and as such delivers images of Railways to your inbox this group does require a Broadband connection as file sizes are quite large


This is as usual a member only option from Google







:: The primary aim is to help the disabled and those needing assistance to return to fishing. Nationally we will collect and collate names and contact numbers of people needing our help and assistance, and people willing to give that assistance. These will be cross referenced and introduced through the "Buddy" system register.
:: The secondary aim is to offer advice and guidance in general to fisheries and venues in regards to access and suitability for the disabled angler
:: The third aim is to (where ever possible) promote angling as a healthy, beneficial pastime for everyone, regardless of experience or ability.

Look for the clickable logo on site report