We live near Chesterfield, Derbyshire; and We enjoy what We do best relaxing by

Caravanning of course,  

Fishing (Just me Steph reckons see fishing pages for proof otherwise)

Photography of anything - if I still used film I could never afford it thank goodnes for Digital

Trains (me and all 8 grandchildren )

Going on holidays

I play on my computer according to Stephanie that’s when I can get HER off her baby Laptop (web-book)

I’m called the Madcaravanner © because not long after we started to caravan someone said, you must be Mad to do that with your bad back (I have a spinal injury that had required surgery).   What they meant was how the heck did I move the van ??  But we did it as a team and our old van was easy to move, the new one although lighter is more difficult so we got a motor mover fitted. Best remote controlled toy a man could have

We try to take our caravan where Stephanie can go shopping and enjoy herself, whilst I fish for whatever there is available (Sea, Course, or Game fish)   Stephanie says I'm obsessed with fishing (Told you I'm mad). We travel all over the world and I always have a fishing rod with me, even on package holidays!!!!!!  (Except in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt where fishing is Banned then I Snorkel see…. totally mad )


Now you’ll see my new picture  and I’m in a wheelchair  because serious illness last year (2010) has meant that my spinal problem  has worsened,  and now I can no longer work  BUT this has just made Caravanning so much more important to us.

I’m Graham though I’m known as Gray


This is Stephanie

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