A little warning  If you fish you must have your licence on your person

Even if you have a licence but don't have it on your person you are liable for a fine of up to £4000 for fishing  without one and your tackle can be confiscated.

It then gets worse. If you then want your tackle back you have to pay today's new prices for your tackle even if it was 10 years old

In the financial year 2003/04 the Environment Agency prosecuted 545 people for rod licence offences in the Anglian region. The total fines for the year were £33,675, with costs of £30,020 awarded to the Agency. On average, each angler paid £119 for an unlicensed fishing trip, with the average fine at £61 and the average costs at £58.  In the second quarter of the financial year (July-September) there were 199 successful prosecutions, more than two-and-a-half times that of April-June with fines totalling £9,938 and costs of £9,600 awarded to the Agency.

September saw the largest number of successful prosecutions with 77 offenders being fined a total of £3,732 and ordered to pay Agency costs of £3,910 each.

Ok that’s the  preaching over I enjoy my fishing and at present my Personal bests are


Mirror Carp 31lb 5oz Gran Canaria November 2007

Common Carp 24lb 5oz Twin Lakes 2007

Leather Carp  8lb thought I’d got a 20lb one but it had 4 mirror scales - DRAT

Perch 3lb and that was a river perch! no *** camera

Roach 21 /2lb

Tench 5lb - Meadowfarm Pond (the ponds record was 51 /2lb)

Crucian 2lb - the pond is now a private water

Sea Bass 6lb - Newquay 1999 Rapala lure -- Tasty

Bream 5lb Norfolk Broads

Pike 9lb Wingerworth Lido

Trout 4lb River (escaped from Ladybower) Tasty

Grayling 21 /2lb - River Derwent, Matlock Bath

Chubb 5 lb

Mullet 5lb - couldn’t cook  it we were in a hotel

Gudgeon 31 /2oz

Pumpkinseed  4oz  (they are tiny Google for them)

Cornet Fish 1 ½ lb




Before we start about the largest activity in the UK where people actually take part as opposed to watching there is some thing that has to be said you need a licence to fish you get it from the Post Office or online -they increase annually and depending what you catch the money differs but it’s cheaper than the fine ---- read on